How our program works

Discover a new culture through language

How our program works

Welcome to Play Your Way to Sweden!

This is a free educational platform for all those who want to learn about Sweden, its language, and its culture. This program consists of two modules: Swedish Language and Swedish Culture. Each module consists of 10 lessons. The Swedish Language module was designed for beginners and is part of a course for level A1. After successful completion of all the lessons in both modules, you will not only be knowledgeable in the areas of Swedish history, geography, traditions, education, and many others, but you will also be able to receive a digital certificate confirming that you have completed 10 lessons of Swedish Culture or Swedish Language at level A1! 

The platform was developed by Soros International House (Lithuania) and More Mosaic (Sweden). You can read more about the creators of the platform in the WHO WE ARE section.


1. Register by filling in your username, name, e-mail address, and password. Check “I agree to the rules and privacy policy.” and click REGISTRATION.

2. To start, select one of the two modules – Swedish Language, or Swedish Culture. These modules are independent of one another, so you can always go back and forth between them 😉

3. Start with Lesson 1, regardless of which module you are in, and learn the information provided in the Video, Audio, and Text tabs.

4. Add difficult words and phrases to the glossary, which is always on the top right of the page.

5. Click on Start Test once you are ready to test your knowledge at the end of each lesson, and answer the questions. You get points for each correct answer. But keep in mind – you only get one chance to get as many points as possible!

6. Proceed to Lesson 2 after taking the test in Lesson 1, and so on.

7. Download the certificate of completion of the 10 lessons of the Swedish Language module or the Swedish Culture module!


People learn languages at very different rates. This program is designed to help you learn Swedish. In order to learn the language well, you will have to spend some time on each module and also take time to review the material. There are a lot of good resources available in addition to our course, and we recommend that you use a variety of learning techniques. Lykke til! (Good luck!)